Getting creative with the [user] shortcode

If you want to display just the first name, use this:

Howdy [subscriber:firstname | default:subscriber], how are you today?

If your subscriber full name is  John Doe, and you send him the newsletter, he will see the message: Howdy John, how are you today?

If you want to use his full name (which is tricky because you have to be creative for email-only subscribers):

Hello [subscriber:firstname | default:Comrade] [subscriber:lastname | default:of our ship]!

This would display one of these 3 combinations if the recipient is called  John Doe:

  1. Hello John Doe!
  2. Hello Comrade Doe!
  3. Hello Comrade of our ship!

Full list of available shortcodes

  • First Name: [subscriber:firstname | default:subscriber]
  • Last Name: [subscriber:lastname | default:subscriber]
  • Email Address: [subscriber:email]
  • WordPress user display name: [subscriber:displayname | default:subscriber]
  • Current day of the month number: [date:d]
  • Current day of the month in ordinal form, ie. 2nd, 3rd, etc : [date:dordinal]
  • Full name of current day: [date:dtext]
  • Current month number: [date:m]
  • Full name of current month: [date:mtext]
  • Year: [date:y]
  • Relative dates: [date:custom | format:l jS F Y \a\t ga] will produce “Tuesday 10th January 2017 at 9am”. The format values must be compatible with the PHP Date Formats.
Newsletter designer (only):
  • Unsubscribe: [link:subscription_unsubscribe_url]
  • Manage your subscription: [link:subscription_manage_url]
  • View in browser link: [link:newsletter_view_in_browser_url]

Create your own custom shortcode

Please read this article for more information on adding your own shortcodes.